About Esanskar

Esanskar is the Venture of Evers Group of Companies, in the education sector. We provide the best live learning experience through this Esanskar Venture. Financial Development, Personal Development, Technical Development, Non-Technical Development, Sales & Marketing Strategies, Business Development, Art & Entertainment all these Sectors are included under the Esanskar. India occupies with the most brilliant students, many students in their school life, college life do amazing innovations but they do not get the platform to implement more and more potential in that field. Through the ESANSKAR the Evers Company consistently organizes the different events based on educational things. Like the upcoming automobile will be going to convert into the electric era. So we organize the Electric Vehicles events where students can show their talent and also we provide professional guidance to every batch of students. This is one example of ESANSKAR platform. In this Platform, we help the students across all the domains.

Webinars, seminars, events, virtual or dynamic everything is cover in the ESANSKAR platform. Students can get 1 year of membership and get all needed support from Evers Group of Companies in their projects, innovations. We trained the students from the primary level and make them pro in their likely fields