Student Development Program

by Esanskar - Your Life Development Hub

" A Premium Skill Development Program For Final Year Students"

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Our Vision

"To make 1,00,000 students ready to stand on his/her own feet through this program by 2023"

The Need

According to the eighth edition of the India Skills Report In 2021, as many as 45.9 percent of graduates are employable. There are several reasons for that like the covid crisis, automation, increasing population, etc. but one of the most important reasons is students are not able to find their “desired job”. The employers are looking for skills which most of the graduates don’t have; which is also affecting the pay scale resulting in unemployment.

Why this Program?

We are living in a continuously growing world where things are changing rapidly. From technology to infrastructure and human and social needs. The only thing that didn’t change for a long time is ‘The Education System’ Today even after the arrival of completely new and modern technology students are learning those same conventional concepts that are being taught for many years.

Students are acquiring just theoretical knowledge which is present in the books, but they’re somewhere lacking in the actual required knowledge which is helpful in the corporate world. This is where Esanskar has come up with this unique program, where students will be introduced and trained with the actual required skills of industry and the corporate world.

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Program Features

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4 weeks of interactive sessions

Week - 1

Effective Communication Skills

During the first week of the program, you will be given practical exposure to the most important skill set required in today's life. You will be trained for:

  • Written Communication.

  • Oral Communication.

  • The Art of Public Speaking.

  • Effective Communication Techniques.


Week - 2

Personality & Soft Skills Development

During the second week of the program, you will be trained
with soft skills that will make your personality stand out from
others. During this, you will learn skills like:


  • Teamwork & Leadership.

  • Time & Stress Management techniques.

  • Decision Making.

  • Critical and Creative thinking.

  • Problem Solving.


Week - 3

Finance Management

During the third week of the program, you will be given the knowledge of managing your finances effectively; You will learn:


  • Budgeting.

  • Savings & Investments techniques.

  • Expense management.

  • Side income sources.


Week - 4

Corporate Skills & Behaviors

In the last week of the program, you will be trained with the skills and etiquette that will make help you understand the work environment in industries. This contains:


  • Corporate Etiquettes.

  • Corporate Dressing and Grooming.

  • Meeting Etiquettes.

  • MS Office Applications.

  • Non-Academic Skills Development.


Mock Aptitude Tests

Students will be given exposure of Aptitude tests that are being conducted during selection process of various organization.



Mock Interviews

There will be Mock Interview sessions where students can experience the procedure of interviews taking place in industries.


One to One Interaction

There will be three days of one to one live interaction sessions where students can clear all there doubts personally


Career Counseling

During this session students can get clarity about their future career options and opportunities



Additional Support