Live Swing Trading Series

Duration :- 7 Days

Time :- 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Total 21 Hours of live training

Swing trading is a one type of trading method, in which trader can generate profit in short time frame. In this type of trading trader usually goes with fundamental and technical analysis to identify technical patterns, market patterns & potential changes in the stock prices to absorb profit in short time. Basically swing traders invest for short duration like days & sometimes weeks, before completing a trade or day.


Benefits of Live Swing Trading Series


Live training for 7 days

This series is not in a recorded form, expert will provides you completely live coaching


Profitable Trading Strategies

Service Subitle

Practical Guidance

This series start with the opening of stock market and expert will give you practical learning directly from the live market


Learn in all languages

Learn swing trading in your favorable language
( English, Marathi & Hindi )

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Learn National & International Market

Those who enroll for this series will get deep knowledge of not only BSE & NSE but also the International market.


Learn everything about Swing Trading

Basic, Advanced & Expert level knowledge of
1) Capital / Stock Market
2) Money Market

21 Hours of Live Training

You will get long time frame to learn more about this swing trading, we are providing this series 7 Days / 3 Hours each. That is complete 21 Hours of Live Training

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Earn profit in short time frame

By completing this series you will earn maximum profit within a day or week. Swing series is a 100% gangrened profitable income source.

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Technical Patterns that you will learn in this swing trading series

Head and Shoulder Pattern


Triangle Pattern


Moving Average Crossover


Flag Pattern


Technical Strategies that you will learn in this series

Support and Resistance Strategy


Bollinger Bands Trading Strategy


Channel Trading Strategy


Simple Moving Average Trading Strategy