"5 Things That Will Shape the Future of Indian Education System"

Indian government pays thousands of crore rupees on education of Indians. 85,000 Cr in 2018-19, 94,000 Cr I 2019-20 and the budget for year 2020-21is Rs. 99,300 Cr. Maybe all this money being spent properly for educating people, but though why this much unemployment in India? We are producing more engineers than that of combining China and USA. Still India exports 19-20% of its GDP and imports 23-25% of its GDP. India has money, land, resources, and human resources. The only thing where our country lacks is proper education.

Here I am sharing 5 things or ideas that I think can shape future of Indian education system.

1. Use of Technology

If India wants to equalize with top countries in the world, we must give up our conventional education system. We should adopt maximum technology in education. Along with pen and paper we have to teach to operate computer to the students from school. Today there are many graduates in our country who can’t even use Microsoft office. This needs to be changed. It has been scientifically proven that human can understand the concept much better after watching it than reading or listening; hence along with books digital tools can be used for teaching.

2. Industry Based Education

Just consider the example of engineering, today engineering graduated are learning the same concepts which were learned by their teachers when they were students. There is a lot of information of old and even outdated technologies, and very few points about new updates. This must be changed. Students which may be of any stream should teach what is being used in industry. Students are supposed to have a real life experience of industry during their education. In form of internships, case studies and industry-based projects.

3. Creative Education

Maybe many of you know the British started the modern education system in India. To create such human resources who can primarily communicate in English and secondarily work according to orders; without using his/her brain. And we are following the same traditional method; nobody is talking about creativity or innovation. The future requires creative and innovative India. The education seekers must be aware that there are many more streams of education rather than engineering, medical sciences, law and management. Why India can’t get medals more than or equal to China and USA? Why Indian scientists and researchers do not have petitions and researches than that of others? The answer is because we believe in memorizing and paperwork not in understanding and practice knowledge.

4. Education of Life Skills

India has got many great gifts from Indian culture. The “Gurukula” education system is one of them. Modern education also requires adopting some part of it. In Gurukula system the students used to live along with their teachers at Ashrams. Where along with studies of weaponry and politics they used to learn things like washing clothes, cooking, hunting, farming and many more day to day activities. Which is called a overall development of child. Modern education requires this type of education to be provided in schools. And I am glad to share that Mr. Sonam Wangchuk has successfully started such schools in Leh and Laddakh.

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