Power of Purpose in Life

I woke up at 5:30 am today as I have to visit temple early in the morning, unlike every day. The interesting thing is that I neither set an alarm nor told anybody to wake me up. Instead, this I wake up at either 7:30 or more lately than that. This real example shows the power of every purpose in our life, the moment I decided to wake up early alarm was set in my brain. Let’s take other example Viktor Frankl Austrian neurologists who spend near about 3 years at the camps of Hitler at time of World War two; and amongst the few people who survived. He shared that due to various forms of persecution, poisonous gas and starvation both persecutors and prisoners had to face same deadly situation. Amongst them only those persons survived who had some purpose in life; while other died. These examples show that human body and brain also reacts according to purpose of that human and it is also psychologically proven that power of purpose affects the human life.

Every living human has some purpose; it may only be to feed him/her and his/her family but

they have it even the animals come on streets to find food. Just take the example of Stephen

Hacking even his whole body got paralyzed he continued working in field of science. This shows the power of purpose and power of human brain. It is the purpose which tells you where you are, where you are going and where you are supposed to go. A man without a purpose is like a ship without a sailor or a captain. Once you know your purpose in life, once you know what to do your brain automatically stops distracting. As soon as you will start your journey towards your aim you may come across some problems or obstacles, more than that I will say you must face problems and failures; because these failures not only show your flaws but also helps to take your hidden power out. Just take example of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam sir he could not take admission in the field of study he was interested in, but it was their power of purpose who bought him towards write direction We came to know what our power of purpose can do. But before that it is our responsibility to find our best purpose in life. It can be anything. It can be getting a high-profile government job, it can be having big house, having cars, or it can be some other things. It is up to you to analyze your strengths and weaknesses and accordingly choose the right goal or purpose in life. Take maximum positive advantage of the resources we have, learn from experiences of self and others; because choosing a correct goal is as much important as its power. At the end I will share one of the things I watched on a TED X show that a person living a live without a purpose is like running on treadmill we do hard work, we burn our calories but cannot go forward. So, find your purpose and ways will open automatically.

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