" Some important things which are not taught by the Indian education system "

-Aman Bhat

India is the youngest nation in the world and the second-largest source of human resources. Still, India is facing many problems which can be solved by just providing some basic knowledge or education to students of secondary and high school. We (India) are the largest producers of engineers still the unemployment rate is tremendously high.

We are one of those most religious countries still there are thousands of rape incidents that happen in India. We are an agricultural country; Agriculture is an important part of our economy still we lose thousands of lives because of hunger.

These problems and many more. Not every problem can solve by studying the students but since they are the future of this nation this education can help them live a better life and make this country better. So here are some of the things that are not taught in India but must be taught.

1) Financial Literacy/Education

“Money” or “finance” an important aspect of every person’s life whether rich, poor, or middle class. Every person in today’s day to day life trying to each more and more money, but very few of them are thinking of growing them by investing it. Financial literacy leads to the planning and management of money. Things like where and how to invest money and how to save it.

2) Network Building

A good professional network leads to many great opportunities in academic as well as professional life. If you are a student, you can get job-related opportunities, if you are an employee or business person you can get references and a customer base. Nowadays it has become much easy to create a network using social media.

3) Choosing the right career

Here are many opportunities available nowadays to choose as a career. As a high school student, you may hear this a lot of times to choose a career that you have an interest in but no one explains to you how to find such a career or how to find where you are interested.

4) Entrepreneurship

Only a few schools and colleges train or guide the students to be an entrepreneur or start an own business. Rest only prepares them for exams and getting a job. This should stop; there should be a separate training program for entrepreneurship development.

5) Sex Education

It has become extremely important for counties like India to provide proper sex education to the students from their school life. This education includes gender equality, dealing with common sexual problems, the use of protections, and medical pros and cons.

These small things can create a huge impact.

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